2018 Iowa Dubuque County Republican Party Platform



As Republicans we uphold the principles of individual respon­sibility and liberty, ad­herence to traditional moral standards, a strong national de­fense, a free enterprise system, and respect for the sanctity of hu­man life, and freedom of religion and the free exercise thereof. We believe in the retain­ing the original intent of our Constitution. We believe high moral character is a neces­sity of public servants. The highest standard of character should be embodied in both private and public life. We encourage the proliferation of these principles and their passage to future gen­erations.


Platform Principles


The following are the fundamental prin­ciples that make up the platform of the Republican Party of Iowa:


Our nation is a Con­stitutional Republic whose Foundation is the Declaration of In­dependence and the Constitution. We acknowledge our rights derive from our Creator and are therefore unalienable and include Life, Lib­erty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (e.g. private property). Further, the Right to Life shall be understood to in­clude all people from conception to natural death. We are a nation governed by people elected to public of­fice that are sent to represent us, the citi­zens. Our Constitu­tion provides limits to governmental power, explicitly details our fundamental rights and insures that only the enumerated pow­ers contained within the Constitution are executed by the fed­eral government. All other functions of government are left to the state and local governments.

We are a Sover­eign Nation


We are a Sovereign Nation with defined borders, governed by a set of laws deter­mined by our repre­sentatives, guided by our Constitution and protected by a mili­tary strong enough to defend our nation and its interests. The Oath of Office of all civil servants, elected and em­ployed, should guide their actions. As citizens, we de­mand that our elected officials take their of­fice and its duties and responsibilities to us, our country and our Constitution seriously and act in accordance with their individual Oaths of Office. Fiscal Responsibil­ity is a fundamental function of any local, state or federal entity. It is a fundamental ex­pectation that govern­ment entities act in a financially responsible manner; it follows that limiting the size and scope of government is a necessary compo­nent of achieving this end. Personal Respon­sibility is the pri­mary duty of all citizens. We are a nation of indi­viduals held together by a common vision. We are not servants of the government; we are not dependent on the benevolence of so­ciety for our survival. Our possibilities are limitless where a free market is allowed to operate without gov­ernment distortion; they should not be limited by our local, state and federal gov­ernment. We are citi­zens of our country. We as individuals are responsible for our successes and failures.



2018 Iowa Republican Dubuque County Legislative Priorities


This document enu­merates what we Re­publicans of Dubuque County, Iowa identify as the legis­lative priorities and stances for our elected representatives.



1.1  We believe the right to life is guaranteed in the United States Constitution and that life begins at the moment of conception and ends at the point of natural death.

1.2  We are opposed to assisted suicide.

1.3  We support the appointment of pro-life judges and the election of pro-life legislators and administrators at all levels of government.

1.4  We oppose embryonic stem cell research and human fetal tissue research using tissue from induced abortions.

1.5  We oppose the selling of human body parts including those obtained from induced abortion.

1.6  We oppose the creation of human clones.

1.7  We oppose the use of public funds for funding abortions and for any organization which provides or advocates for abortion on demand.

1.8  We commend, encourage and support any organization offering adoption services and those which offer alternatives to abortion as part of a counseling program.



2.1  Uphold State and Federal Constitutions by respecting the principles laid out in those documents.

2.2  We believe that private schools and home schools fulfill a vital and necessary function in our society and should be encouraged. We propose the development of a funding formula that recognizes the importance of public, private, and home schools.

2.3  We support a robust education system for K-12 that is not controlled by the Federal Government's programs from ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) to Iowa/Common Core. We believe K through 12 education is the responsibility of State and local to promote family choice and therefore should have no Federal subsidies.

2.4  We demand abolishment of the Iowa Core and Federal Common Core Curriculum/Education Guidelines and Standards. We call for more local control and less State and Federal control of public schools.

2.5  We support Constitutional Carry in the State of Iowa. We support national reciprocity for permitted firearms carriers.

2.6  We support metal detectors and armed guards in schools to protect the lives of students.

2.7  We support the right of teachers to carry in school with proper training.



3.1 We believe the water quality legislation passed this session should be enhanced with additional substance and programming.


National Sovereignty & Defense

4.1  We support legal immigration, the strict enforcement of our current immigration laws, the securing of our borders (including funding and building of the border wall) and pun­ishing employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants. No indi­vidual, business, or entity should benefit from illegal immigra­tion. We support the mandatory implementation of e-Verify. We also support modification of current immigration laws including abolishing of chain migration, and visa lottery. 

4.2  We assert that be­queathing citizenship or the privileges and rights thereof babies born to illegal immigrants in the United States is a mis­interpretation of the 14th amendment.

4.3 Proof of citizenship should be required for all voting, for all welfare and collecting social security.

4.4 We believe that the costs of actions against terrorists and those countries supporting them should not be a burden on the citizens of this country and therefore the government should make every effort to locate and seize any and all assets of such terrorists and countries and use such assets to defray as much as possible the costs of our actions to protect our citizens.

4.5 We believe that any person who enters the United States without going through proper procedures have already committed a crime against this country and are therefore deemed undesirable, are ineligible for any rights and/or privileges of citizenship and shall be deported to their home country immediately with all costs of apprehension and deportation charged against their home country.

4.6 We believe that the United States border patrol agents and/or military personnel who assist in guarding our borders should be authorized to take any actions deemed necessary to enforce proper immigration procedures.

4.8 We support a crackdown on all illegal immigrants who overstay their visas.

4.9 We support the elimination of "sanctuary" cities, counties, or states.



5.1 We propose a re-evaluation of the TIF (tax incremental financing) program.

5.2 We oppose any mandates linked with alleged global warming, climate controls.

5.3 We oppose legalizing recreational marijuana.

5.4 We propose to support Iowa Community College System and other non-traditional processes of education so that we may create and maintain a strong vocational work force of skilled labor positions to promote a sustainable economy thru adequate budgetary support and programming.

5.5 We propose to restore Heritage Grant funding at Iowa Universities so that the retention of Iowa students in the state of Iowa is clearly made a priority and that the legacy of successful Iowa parents may be continued by their children who will be encouraged to stay in Iowa being educated in Iowa.

5.6 Whereas we have a population that is becoming more and more dependent on an entitlement in place of a productive job, job preparation needs to be an objective in our education system.  Inducements for working need more emphasis such as trade schools. 



6.1 We support retaining the Electoral College.  We oppose the National Popular Vote Compact.

6.2 We support the convening of a Convention of the States according to Article V of the United States Constitution for the purposes of limiting the Federal Government.

6.3 We support the United States judicial system, and propose banning the use of any foreign international, religious (example:  Sharia Law).

6.4 We support term limits for elected officials.

6.5 We support a responsible fiscal policy to limit unfunded expenditures and reduce the national debt.

6.6 We support a balanced budget amendment.

6.8 We support an audit of the Federal Reserve.

6.9 Any federal or state legislator who proposes a new law or agency must stipulate at the beginning of said bill the exact section of the state or federal constitution under which the bill is proposed.   Further they must identify the source of funding necessary to implement said bill.

6.10 No proposed legislation at the state or federal level shall exceed twenty (20) pages of 8 ½ by 11 ½ paper nor be in less than ten-point font including a summary of not more than fifty (50) words explaining the purpose of the bill, the source of funding and the section of the Constitution which authorizes the action proposed by the bill.

6.11 We propose that the judiciary of the State of Iowa be fully funded in that amount as determined by the Chief Justice in order to keep court services available to all Iowans, to keep all county courthouses open, to prosecute criminals in a timely manner as required by law, and to allow civil litigants fair access to services.   

6.12 We support providing more access to critical care for mental health issues.

6.13 We support more group homes for recovering mental patients.

6.14 We propose that no recipient of state assistance who is able to work and maintain gainful employment shall receive such assistance, even if otherwise qualified without 1.) Maintaining employment and 2.) testing negative for the use of illicit/illegal drugs.